When I Don’t Get Writing Inspired

I Don’t Get Writing Inspired

On the whole I enjoy writing. It’s something I feel I’m good at, can do it short bursts and it mostly doesn’t matter if no one sees it, it’s still there for the viewing. But now and again, like many writers, I find I want to have the urge to write something good, something sensible or even something nonsensical, but I just don’t have the inspiration.

But where’s the harm in that? If there’s no one going to read it, comment on it or critique it, why worry? Because one day, I might want to write professionally, or at least semi-professionally and being able to write, even when you don’t want to, could be the difference between being paid and not being paid – sort of vital really.

2012-259 A Writing Six-Word Story

2012-259 A Writing Six-Word Story—mrsdkrebs (Flickr.com)

Here’s a few tips I’ve picked up for getting over, writer’s block or at least the mind hindrance associated with it.

  • Write anything. Even if you have no idea where to start, go to a news site and pick a story. Just start from there and write for 15 minutes. Don’t go back and correct anything, just scribble away.
  • Go back to a previous article of your own and try re-writing it. Spin it so that the meaning remains the same but the words used are different. Try it with and without a thesaurus.
  • Critique an old article. If it’s more than a few months old it will be so far removed from your mind that you could probably see the whole thing as if through a fresh set of eyes. What would you do differently now?
  • Read. I don’t know a single writer who isn’t an avid reader too. Doesn’t have to be anything in your own niche (if you’re a specialist writer). It doesn’t have to be fiction or non-fiction (depending on your current authorship status). Take inspiration from somebody else’s words.

So you see there are things you can do to put yourself back into the ‘write’ frame of mind. One thing I definitely don’t suggest (which is what I’m doing now), is to try and think of something good to write about at 2AM, in the middle of a night shift, with a list of other tasks to do once the equipment becomes available. Constantly awaiting the next distraction is not conducive to writing a good article… As I shall no doubt find when I re-read this lot on another day.

If you’re an author or want to be an author, what do you think? Do you have any other little hints and tips you’d like to share that get you back in the writing groove?

Or just comment below anyway. They will all get read (except the ones that go straight into the spam filter) and they should get replies too.

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