Trying to Diet – Dying to Try It

Trying to diet – dying to try it.

One of the things I like about my personal blog is that I’m not tied to a subject. If I feel like writing about something, I can and it doesn’t matter a damn whether it fits in with a given niche or if I’m going off-topic. Not that this blog has a central topic so I’ll pick one for now and change my mind later (which will drive Google mad if it tries to categorise it).

So today’s ramble is about cooking and dieting. A definite departure for me as although I’m a keen cook, I’m not an accomplished one. You won’t find me posting recipes on Facebook or anything like that. I do enjoy watching Great British Bake Off and I do in the kitchen, things that my wife ‘doesn’t’. For instance I like home made bread and I’m quite happy to spend the time kneading and waiting for a rise to make a nice loaf, something my wife admits she does not have the strength or patience for. One of things we both enjoy in the kitchen is varying meals for the sake of a healthy diet – trying to keep food healthy but still tasty.


Varying theories abound about losing weight and delicious cooking. Too many people think that one precludes the other and if it’s doing you good, it can’t taste good as well as vice versa but we’re finding that it is possible to eat well with enjoyable food and lose a little weight. The added bonus is that we don’t worry about calorie controls or loads of strenuous exercise – something we both object to, although we both have a light exercise regimen.

Our main dieting method is portion control. Just put a bit less on your plate – it still looks as full since you don’t notice the difference and you don’t feel cheated out of a meal as you might on some of the tiny sized portions some diets make you take. A big risk there is that you get permanently used such a small portion size that you fail to take in enough nutrition and end up making yourself weak or even killing yourself thin. Not a recommended dieting technique.

It is to this end that I feel obliged to offer you a couple of free ebooks with cooking for health tips and healthy cooking recipes that I feel you might enjoy. Neither are very long and they might just help you still enjoy what comes out of your kitchen whilst doing a little something to make you feel healthier too.

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