Solarversia Update

Solarversia Update

A little while ago I wrote about a book that is being released soon by a new author called Toby Downton. He has informed us through his blog that the release date is scheduled for June 2015 to coincide with the Occulus Rift headset launch. Toby also informs us that the first draft of Solarversia has been submitted to his editor and sits at 180,000 words! I’m envious as I struggle to put together a short document of around 6000 words.

Toby has also commissioned a cover for the book from an artist on Fiverr. He spent extra on getting the layered files (known as the .psd file) to make it easier to change things around if needs be. However it looks pretty good to me and fits in with the theme of the book:


For those of you who need reminding, Solarversia is similar in nature to ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline in that much of the action takes place in virtual universe game for a high value prize. However, until Toby releases at least some of the story we don’t have much to go on yet, so apart from some of the character names and some concept art available of the web site – we’re all a bit in the dark. I’m hoping that some snippets or a synopsis will be available soon and I’ll be posting as much as I’m allowed, as soon as I can.

Until then, go to the book’s site at and sign up for yourself. Browse around at the ideas that are being presented and do feel free to add your comments and offer your support. Toby does his best to reply to them all and anyone signing up gets a chance to get their own place on the game grid for some terrific prizes.

Until then, when I know more, you will. Solarversia is (still) coming.

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