Solarversia is Coming

Solar what?

In the author’s words, Solarversia ( is a novel about a game played within a virtual reality world and set in the year 2020. If you can imagine a prize game competed for by 100 million players, under the aegis of several alien beings and being played via a grid that is numbered from 1 in the centre and spiralling out. The first tasks the players have to complete in this virtual world is collect three vehicles – ground transport, water transport and an air vehicle. The grid also acts as a social media page for the players and allows others to follow their progress.

The book follows one main protagonist – an 18 year old girl called Nova Negrahnu from Maidstone in Kent (UK) and some of the people who help her – including her cyber pet. The main enemies in the book are a luddite group who want to take the world back to extreme basics, getting rid of robots, artificial intelligence and mechanical assistance as well as 99,999,999 other players (not all individually named).

The book also has some tie ins to our own world. The author, Toby Downton, wants to release the book on the same day as the Occulus Rift, a virtual reality headset that has been put together with funding through Kickstarter. Toby has also reserved 100 of the game squares for reviewers of the book. There will be various prizes associated with the book for the 100 people who get assigned to the squares.

The final tie-in is that the game described in the book will become a real game in 2020 (the time frame of the story) with a real prize, although probably not £10m <grin>. It will depend on how well the book does in regards to sales, tie-ins, film rights etc.

The best way to find out about the book, the characters – including images and snippets of story (small ones at the moment) is to go to and sign up for the newsletter.

None of the links on this page are affiliated and this article has been put up to support the author and his book.


  1. Hey Steven,

    Thanks very much for blogging about my book, I really appreciate it. In case anyone who’s reading is interested, anyone who signs up to the newsletter before the publication date will be sent a free copy, and invited to play the Amazon Reviewer’s game (more info on my About page).

    Good luck in your SEO challenge!

    Regards, Toby

    1. Hi Toby,
      Glad to be of service. I really am quite excited about this book and I’m looking forward to seeing more about it as you feel fit to release any information.


      Steven Lucas

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