Solarversia by Toby Downton is nearly here!


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Solarversia by Toby Downton is nearly here

I have only got into the first few chapters of the pre-release copy of Solarversia, but already I’m gripped. If you like ‘Ready, Player One’ then this is definitely for you as well.

It’s teen aimed sci-fi set in the near future about some of the protagonists in a virtual year-long game, concentrating on a girl who’s 18th birthday also marked the start of the game. We’re still in the first few weeks of the game but her schooling is suffering and her long distance friend (who is also in the game) is more than a distraction to her.

As for what happens next – I may let you know more or I may just encourage you to go buy it for yourself… But you can’t yet as it’s not available until 31st August. Keep popping back here and we’ll see if I can let out enough of the story without too many spoilers.

Needless to say that Solarversia by Toby Downton is going to be well worth the effort of chasing down.

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