So Is This Heaven? by Elisabeth Lucas – Review of Ebook

So Is This Heaven? by Elisabeth Lucas – Review of Ebook

Those of you who are on my Facebook, Twitter or Google+ feeds will be aware that I often repost her blogspot posts with the hashtag #madwife. Now, she’s at it again, but this time in a full-length novel (It’s 30,000+ words – Does that count as full-length?).

So Is This Heaven? is Elisabeth’s 2nd book. Her first, an adult-oriented, spoof version of The Three Little Pigs was where she first dipped her toes in the waters of authorship. It’s still available on Kindle and CreateSpace if you’re interested. It needs to be read with a West Country (UK) accent and sense of humour and it’s very funny.

So Is This Heaven? is a story of Clementine. A middle-aged lady, and Elvis (Presley, not Costello) fan who also likes her Facebook. On her 50th birthday, she starts her party a bit early and sucks rather than blows on a Party Popper, resulting in her untimely demise. However, she doesn’t go straight to Heaven as she thought she might but has to hand around on Earth instead.

What follows is a series of humorous adventures, written as a series of Facebook posts and narratives, starting at the morgue and, via her own home, her parent’s house, a local charity shop and Graceland sees Clementine cause all sorts of upsets and misunderstandings, all while remaining totally out of everybody’s sight and senses.

Will Clementine ever get to Heaven and have a sing-along with Elvis?

Will we ever find out why she has the word ‘POLO’ imprinted on her boob?

Will she ever find the cloud where they have Philadelphia Cheese and crackers?

Will her husband ever get to keep a full bottle of Worcester Sauce?

You’ll have to read So Is This Heaven? to find out.

Elisabeth has made So Is This Heaven? available as a Kindle ebook download and as a paperback available via CreateSpace (Amazon’s own publishing arm).

Here are the links:



Amazon Australia – CLICK HERE

CreateSpace – CLICK HERE — Coming soon. In fact, it should eventually get linked up to be available from the Kindle page.

Three Little Pigs: A West Country Fairy Tale links:

Amazon UK – Kindle version – CLICK HERE  and  Paperback version

Amazon USA – Kindle version – CLICK HERE  and Paperback version

Amazon Australia – Kindle version – CLICK HERE  (Paperback version not yet available in Australia)



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