People Are Strange Beasts

I’ve known for a long while that people can be strange beasts. So willing to push the blame onto somebody for something they cannot control and so willing to refuse the responsibility for something they control themselves.

Case in point. My wonderful wife does genealogy as one of her hobbies (the other is writing very amusing posts on Facebook and her blogs) and she gets no end of stroppy emails from people who are totally unrelated who tell her she’s got their details wrong. She calmly points out that they are not the person they are referring to and usually why they are not. She’s also had the blame for not adding a man’s second wife to the tree (because she hadn’t traced that line yet) and causing HIM to not be reminded of her birthday. After 30 years of marriage, a man ought to remember little details like these!

Then we have the case of people who demand that their details be removed because they think that their details ought to be private (the details are all on public records), but at the same time, these same people offer details for the rest of their family. Talk about hypocrisy!

Anyway. If you know of somebody doing genealogy, help them all you can. You are probably saving them huge amounts of time (and money) in research, even if you are just confirming what they already know. Joining many of the research sites costs in annual fees, not to mention the costs of obtaining paper certificates, sometimes from far flung corners of the globe.

However. Bear in mind that all birth, marriage and death data is publicly available throughout the world and there is nothing you can do, legally or otherwise, to stop someone from doing the research. There are those who trace family trees of the rich and famous, not always to find out if there is a distant connection somewhere.

As for here amusing blogs, go and visit  or and see for yourself. She really tells some wonderful tales of her ‘adventures’ with and without clothes / camera / husband / sanity, as well as something on the revealing world of depression, of which she is a long time sufferer. Do think about that last fact the next time you want to go rant and rave at someone. They might not always be the cheerful soul you think they are.

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