There’s Something You Ought To Know About Steven Lucas

Steven Lucas

I suppose it would be a good idea to let you know who Steven Lucas is.

When you get started in blogging, especially if you blog like I do on Steven Lucas Marketing, you’re told to become someone that people can get to know, and that means talking about yourself. In general, people either like talking too much about themselves or they don’t like it at all, which makes it hard to find a happy medium – and by that I don’t mean a comedienne who tells jokes to the dear departed. Since it’s a requirement, especially for an online marketer, I guess I’d better get on with it.

Steven lucas, Not Me At All.

Steven lucas, Image from page 644 of Morton memorial but not me at all.

As someone who’s been on the Internet since it was an extended bulletin board, you’d think I’d be an expert at all things World Wide Web, but I freely admit that I’m not. Yes I can craft a static web page from scratch, but it wouldn’t look great and my techniques would be more than a little outdated (tables rather than CSS for a start). I can do bits and pieces with PHP & MySQL, or at least understand other people’s code though I’d be hard pushed to write it all from scratch. But this isn’t where we should start.

Actually though, it’s a bit hard to know how much to tell you without boring the pants off you or giving enough about me away so that I become another identity theft victim, at least not too easily at least.

I have been dabbling at Internet Marketing for ages, on and off, without much commitment and therefore, without much success either. I did almost everything the easy, obvious way and as cheaply as possible. It wasn’t quite spamming, but it wasn’t far off, I suppose.

Nowadays I think I’ve got it a bit straighter, at least in my head. I blog twice a week on my marketing site and I have a Clickbank curation site that gets 3 updates a week and both of those feed via RSS to my email list, so that they get the benefit of my words and research. I try to find a few blogs a week to leave comments at, though I really ought to try harder at spreading my name and words around. I do like to try to leave 150-250 words as comments, so you will get more than a ‘great post’ or ‘thanks for sharing’ type response. I won’t write more than the original post though. I don’t want to embarrass the original blogger.

What else about Steven Lucas? I’ve been married 3 times and finally got it right, although this wife doesn’t like my marketing efforts, so I have to find time elsewhere to do them. I still have a full time job which is interesting which is not to denigrate the fact that I want to do internet marketing, just that I’m starting a retirement fund and activity. Not that retirement is that close yet, but why wait until the last minute?

Other things are I have written some books for Kindle (6 at the moment). None are huge sellers but I’ve done no promotion on any of them either, so a no score draw there. I do have about 10 websites under my control, but I’ll talk about those elsewhere and make a proper job of them.

Hobbies…. Guitar, reading, writing, hypnosis. I ought to do more physical activities, but it seems sufficient to go out and do nature photography with my wife. It’s her hobby really but I join in too. Just discovered some silly movie makers for Android tablets, so I might have some fun with those too (See above).

There can’t be much more you need to know about Steven Lucas so for now I’ll leave it there, although I’m sure I’ll update this every now and again, just to keep it current or make it look a bit more exciting. Then I can use it as my ‘About Me’ page whenever I need that sort of thing.

P.S. There are a few other Steven Lucas in the world – as might be expected. An American businessman, a Canadian general are the two most famous ones. I’m neither of those, by the way. There are others and I’m not them either.

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Is Good Health Something To Write About?

The Good Health Niche

To the many marketers in the world, especially internet marketers, there are subjects known as ‘Evergreen Niches’. They are topics that are always in favour, no matter what the time of year or even what year. They are no not subject to the whims of fashion since, for the most part, they are built into people’s nature. One such evergreen niche is good health.

Good Health advice, Counseling

We’re all concerned about our health, some more than others and many only when it isn’t all that it should be. We don’t notice our good health when we have it and complain loudly when it isn’t what we expect. We all know though, when our health isn’t good that we are often the  authors of our own demise. Good health is not an accident. It comes about, and remains, through the actions we could carry out routinely.

Free eBooks promoting Good Health

To help you improve your health, here is a group of ebooks that will interest you.

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Let me know what you think of the ebooks either in the comments below or by emailing me directly.

What do you do to improve your health? Do you exercise regularly, eat the right foods or at least avoid too many of the bad foods? Do you make sure you drink plenty of plain, fresh water? Whatever you do, one of these god health ebooks will help to improve things even further. As an added bonus, there is also a FREE 28 day tutorial on good health sent to you as a series, by email. Each day you will get a short article relating to improving your good health, not just for now, but for always. Motivation on keeping going when things get difficult and ideas on where to look for even more advice as well as recipes for healthy food, the foods to avoid (some of these may well surprise you – take a look here to jump the queue on that one).

So at no cost to you (that means it’s free), you can grab this collection of free good health ebooks and 28 days of free good health advice to keep you fit and healthy for the rest of your life.

Something Silly Done With An Android Tablet & FXGuru

FXGuru is a free app for Android tablets. Here’s a couple of clips that I did and then put together using Windows Movie Maker. For no other reason than I could. I then posted this video on YouTube, Vimeo and IBOTube just to see if it gets any reactions. It’s only a minute long and was a good bit of fun. Clip editing with Avidemux – just to remove the FXGuru logo from the end of each clip. More to come.

Solarversia is Coming

Solar what?

In the author’s words, Solarversia ( is a novel about a game played within a virtual reality world and set in the year 2020. If you can imagine a prize game competed for by 100 million players, under the aegis of several alien beings and being played via a grid that is numbered from 1 in the centre and spiralling out. The first tasks the players have to complete in this virtual world is collect three vehicles – ground transport, water transport and an air vehicle. The grid also acts as a social media page for the players and allows others to follow their progress.

The book follows one main protagonist – an 18 year old girl called Nova Negrahnu from Maidstone in Kent (UK) and some of the people who help her – including her cyber pet. The main enemies in the book are a luddite group who want to take the world back to extreme basics, getting rid of robots, artificial intelligence and mechanical assistance as well as 99,999,999 other players (not all individually named).

The book also has some tie ins to our own world. The author, Toby Downton, wants to release the book on the same day as the Occulus Rift, a virtual reality headset that has been put together with funding through Kickstarter. Toby has also reserved 100 of the game squares for reviewers of the book. There will be various prizes associated with the book for the 100 people who get assigned to the squares.

The final tie-in is that the game described in the book will become a real game in 2020 (the time frame of the story) with a real prize, although probably not £10m <grin>. It will depend on how well the book does in regards to sales, tie-ins, film rights etc.

The best way to find out about the book, the characters – including images and snippets of story (small ones at the moment) is to go to and sign up for the newsletter.

None of the links on this page are affiliated and this article has been put up to support the author and his book.

And the good news is…

Hi everyone,


The good news is that all sites that I want back up and there and available. My eldest son is doing some work on that he wants to finalise before releasing, but soon he will be able to take and post UK wide orders for fine Belgian chocolate creations, almost all of which can be customised or personalised to your choice. Ideal for weddings and parties of all sorts.

Due to a total lack of interest, the Dynamic Productivity site will not be returning although (List Building Tutorial) and are both up and running again and both have a $1 special offer to get you into them. Both also have a free 7 part course to see if either is really your thing. Try them now.

As part of the sort out, I have some domain names for sale. None of them are hugely expensive and might be of interest to someone who likes their domains with a little age on them… Something search engines like. The domain names are, and  $10 each – little more than a domain name would cost ‘new’. Contact me on if you’d like one or more. All have around a year or more to run. Website and hosting is NOT included.

That’s all for now. Do feel free to keep popping back. There’ll be more interesting stuff going up soon. Less about me, more about the world and I’ll open the system up for comments and feedback.

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