More Strange Behaviour of the British Public

More Strange Behaviour of the British Public

The British election is over and as usual no one is really happy with the results, except of course, the winners. The rest become whiners claiming fixes and unfairness, in the usual British fashion. But what are ‘the people’ really complaining about?

The turnout for this election was around 70% which is very high for a normally apathetic voting electorate. A high turnout should mean that the will of the country is more accurately portrayed. But you can’t point that out tothe whiners.

These same whiners also seem to have 2 things that they want governments to do for them (forgetting John F. Kennedy’s geatest sound bite – Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Applicable everywhere in the world).

  1. We want the government to take more control of our daily lives by giving us more money (with the unspoken bit – for doing nothing).
  2. We want the government to stop interfering in our daily lives.

What are these people on? They want the government to do more for them, whilst interfering less with what they do.

These are possibly the same people who resent being told to go look for a job when they are perfectly capapble of working. (I do empathise with those who are unable to work due to medical or other circumstances. My wife would love to work, but due to physical ailments that don’t show externally, she drops through the support net).

Despite protests from some of those at the lower end of the food chain, all we seem to see are work shy scroungers who count alcohol and cigarettes as essential foodstuffs and deem their satellite subscription and cable broadband as must haves.

Meanwhile there are people who work very hard for minimum wage or less, pay what is required of them by law and who scrimp and scrape for every penny. They do struggle and are often laughed at by the scroungers for doing so, but they carry on with dignity because they don’t see government handouts as a right.

So Britain has a new government and all the screaming, bitching and whining (especially from the losing politicians) is not going to change that for the next 5 years.

No governemnt is here to carry the populace and the great unwashed should stop expecting that. The first step to changing the next ruling party is make the party a credible force. Labour under Red Ed were not credible and that is the real reason that they lost. UKIP under Adolf Farage were also not credible – a one policy party will never do well in British politics. The Lib Dems were the victims of promises made 5 years ago that they never had a chance to fulfill because they were in a minority amongst the Conservative masses.

The last thing to look upon by those whiners who are screaming that their children’s lives are ruined forever is…


If they’re under 13 now they won’t be eligable to vote then. If they’re under 11 now, they’ll still be at school then.

Stop acting like Simon Cowell just told you that you can’t sing and show that you can support yourself.

Man up Britain.

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