Hackers and Slackers

Hackers and Slackers

It might seem like that I haven’t done a great deal on here just lately, but behind the scenes a lot has been going on.

The first thing is that a couple of my sites were hacked a couple of times. Not through brute force on my passwords but by an SQL hack to change the title displayed. Not severe as these things go and easily rectified, but annoying just the same. I fixed it the first time only to find the same mob had done the same again, which meant I had to go a little deeper and change some things around. I don’t know if they’ve given up, (I never assume they have.) or whether they’ve just moved onto another target that doesn’t keep removing their message. After all, what’s the point of boasting what a great hacker you are if your message is removed within a few hours of being put up?

My other excuse is that I’ve been moving house. It might be only 3 miles down the road, but it only goes to show that we have far too much stuff. Especially books. This might be the age of the e-book (and I do like my Kindle – if only it had more storage), but there’s a lot that’s not on Kindle, will probably never be on Kindle or is just not suitable for Kindle and when you have a couple of hundred of these (not kidding), the weigh an awful lot. We’ve been ruthless in disposing of some books, but there’s still an awful lot. Not to mention everything else we’ve got too!

Having said all that, I never promised that this blog would be regularly updated, and it’s really only here as my rant spot and a way of keeping my personal thoughts off of my marketing sites, so it’s my choice whether I fill up these pages with my drivel or not. (grin).

I will point the world at my wife’s blog and the highly amusing reading that it makes. See for yourself here: http://bizzylizziesramblings.blogspot.co.uk/ She writes far more entertainingly than I do and more often as well. It even has me in stitches and I am often the main target of her writing.

So keep us in mind, me for my rants and my wife for her adventures (at least that’s what she calls them). Between us, we may even keep you entertained for 5 minutes.

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