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Dec 19

Relioc Tower – Review

Relioc Tower – Review     OK So KindleScout didn’t accept Relioc Tower by Richard Lucas (my little brother) for its advertising bonus, but that doesn’t mean the book isn’t any good. Richard has sent me a physical copy for me to read. And it’s very good! Relioc Tower is a magical, mystical place that …

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Sep 02

Air Shows and Photos

My wonderful wife and I do enjoy our photography which is usually lanscapes and wildlife but just occasionally we do get to go to other places and see other things. We also like going out and about to various local places. One place we really enjoy is Torquay which was fortunate enough to book the …

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Jun 24

Hackers and Slackers

Hackers and Slackers It might seem like that I haven’t done a great deal on here just lately, but behind the scenes a lot has been going on. The first thing is that a couple of my sites were hacked a couple of times. Not through brute force on my passwords but by an SQL …

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May 08

More Strange Behaviour of the British Public

More Strange Behaviour of the British Public The British election is over and as usual no one is really happy with the results, except of course, the winners. The rest become whiners claiming fixes and unfairness, in the usual British fashion. But what are ‘the people’ really complaining about? The turnout for this election was …

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Mar 27

The British General Election & The Media

The British General Election & The Media It is a source of continual disappointment to me that the British media continue to portray the General Election as a competition between 2 people – the leaders of the major political parties of the united Kingdom. What about the other 648 seats that are going to be …

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