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When I Don’t Get Writing Inspired

I Don’t Get Writing Inspired On the whole I enjoy writing. It’s something I feel I’m good at, can do it short bursts and it mostly doesn’t matter if no one sees it, it’s still there for the viewing. But now and again, like many writers, I find I want to have the urge to …

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People Are Strange Beasts

I’ve known for a long while that people can be strange beasts. So willing to push the blame onto somebody for something they cannot control and so willing to refuse the responsibility for something they control themselves. Case in point. My wonderful wife does genealogy as one of her hobbies (the other is writing very …

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More Solarversia Updates

You are probably all aware by now how much interest I’m taking Toby Downton’s forthcoming book Solarversia. As it gets closer to the release date, Toby is letting more details out of characters and scenarios from the book on his blog. The latest post is on some of the mechanics of the game Solarversia, around …

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Flight Simulation As A Career

Flight Simulators

Flight Simulation as a Career Ask any professional pilot what the bane of his life is and chances are he will not complain about the passengers (or self loading freight, as they are sometimes derisively known) but he will say ‘the flight simulator’. He will also probably grudgingly admit that it’s his best friend as …

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Solarversia Updates and Setbacks

Solarversia Updates and Setbacks I’ve just heard from Toby Downton, the writer of Solarversia ( who is writing to let his subscribers know that he is currently 2/3rds of the way through the 2nd draft of this novel. It is proving more difficult than he first thought but is aiming to finish this by the …

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