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Relioc Tower – Review

Relioc Tower – Review     OK So KindleScout didn’t accept Relioc Tower by Richard Lucas (my little brother) for its advertising bonus, but that doesn’t mean the book isn’t any good. Richard has sent me a physical copy for me to read. And it’s very good! Relioc Tower is a magical, mystical place that …

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So Is This Heaven? by Elisabeth Lucas – Review of Ebook

So Is This Heaven? by Elisabeth Lucas – Review of Ebook Those of you who are on my Facebook, Twitter or Google+ feeds will be aware that I often repost her blogspot posts with the hashtag #madwife. Now, she’s at it again, but this time in a full-length novel (It’s 30,000+ words – Does that …

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Relioc Tower (Tales of Ealoryn Book 1) – Early Review

Relioc Tower (Tales of Ealoryn Book 1)   There’s another budding author in the family. Not only have I published a few (non-fiction) books on Kindle and CreateSpace (Amazon’s print-on-demand service), my beautiful wife has her comedy fairy tale and now my brother Richard is bidding for glory too – in the comedy fantasy genre, …

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Air Shows and Photos

My wonderful wife and I do enjoy our photography which is usually lanscapes and wildlife but just occasionally we do get to go to other places and see other things. We also like going out and about to various local places. One place we really enjoy is Torquay which was fortunate enough to book the …

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Trying to Diet – Dying to Try It

Trying to diet – dying to try it. One of the things I like about my personal blog is that I’m not tied to a subject. If I feel like writing about something, I can and it doesn’t matter a damn whether it fits in with a given niche or if I’m going off-topic. Not …

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