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Red Arrows Corkscrew Red Arrows Vixen Break modded Red Arrows Vixen Break Red Arrows formation Red Arrows formationMy wonderful wife and I do enjoy our photography which is usually lanscapes and wildlife but just occasionally we do get to go to other places and see other things.

We also like going out and about to various local places. One place we really enjoy is Torquay which was fortunate enough to book the Red Arrows – the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Display team for the end of the annual regatta.

Due to the low cloud and immenent threat of rain, the Red Arrows had to do what they call their Flat Display, which basically means they don’t do the big loops and everything is low level fly bys and passes. In my opinion this is just as exciting and gives far more photo opportunities as the display is kept between 100 and 500 feet above the sea.

We picked a spot on the outer sea wall (not far from Living Coast, if you know the area) about an hour before the scheduled start, which was definitely as wise move as shortly after that a lot of other people started turning up and filling the area up.

People being people, many of them actually stand on the harbour wall which upsets the harbour master no end as it is considered a health and safety risk. More to the point is that he’d be the one who would have to jump into his boat and go to rescue the silly buggers. Despite tannoy announcements people persisted – including a BBC cameraman and reporter, but no one fell in (much to our disappointment. Would have made some good pictures I reckon).

Another thing my wife likes to do is modify some of our pictures, using a variety of programs. Some merely gets colours boosted slightly (Like the Vixen Break above and the Arrow 9 formations above and right) but many get the full filter treatments either to a slight degree like the first 2 pictures in this series or an almost surreal change like the final one in this series.

I think in future I will put some more of our pictures up on this site, to convince my wife she could be doing this for a living. As she is partially disabled and all this can be done from the comfort of home, and it is something she enjoys, I see no harm in her turning her hobbies into something she could get paid for.

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    • Bev on 10 September, 2015 at 4:15 am
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    These are super pics and yes, Steven, you are right there are lots of sites online which would buy great art like this. Love Lillie Lou’s blog – absolutely unique. I can hear her speaking! Enjoy your day…. Bev

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