Relioc Tower – Review

Relioc Tower – Review


Relioc Tower  OK So KindleScout didn’t accept Relioc Tower by Richard Lucas (my little brother) for its advertising bonus, but that doesn’t mean the book isn’t any good. Richard has sent me a physical copy for me to read. And it’s very good!

Relioc Tower is a magical, mystical place that has been quiet for a good few years then, out of the blue, the King gets a message to bring a certain man to it for an unspecified purpose. The King sends one of his trusted advisors to fetch the man, who finds that someone else is already on the case.

As they approach the tower…

I’m not going to tell you more as you really do need to read the full story. Richard tells it well and has fully developed characters who, despite the magic and fantasy settings are believable and react in real human ways, rather than the superman ways than can occur in some supernatural novels.

The book itself is available in Kindle and paperback formats so there’s something for everyone.

UK – Relioc Tower on Kindle

Relioc Tower, Paperback

USA – Relioc Tower on Kindle

Relioc Tower, Paperback


So Is This Heaven? by Elisabeth Lucas – Review of Ebook

So Is This Heaven? by Elisabeth Lucas – Review of Ebook

Those of you who are on my Facebook, Twitter or Google+ feeds will be aware that I often repost her blogspot posts with the hashtag #madwife. Now, she’s at it again, but this time in a full-length novel (It’s 30,000+ words – Does that count as full-length?).

So Is This Heaven? is Elisabeth’s 2nd book. Her first, an adult-oriented, spoof version of The Three Little Pigs was where she first dipped her toes in the waters of authorship. It’s still available on Kindle and CreateSpace if you’re interested. It needs to be read with a West Country (UK) accent and sense of humour and it’s very funny.

So Is This Heaven? is a story of Clementine. A middle-aged lady, and Elvis (Presley, not Costello) fan who also likes her Facebook. On her 50th birthday, she starts her party a bit early and sucks rather than blows on a Party Popper, resulting in her untimely demise. However, she doesn’t go straight to Heaven as she thought she might but has to hand around on Earth instead.

What follows is a series of humorous adventures, written as a series of Facebook posts and narratives, starting at the morgue and, via her own home, her parent’s house, a local charity shop and Graceland sees Clementine cause all sorts of upsets and misunderstandings, all while remaining totally out of everybody’s sight and senses.

Will Clementine ever get to Heaven and have a sing-along with Elvis?

Will we ever find out why she has the word ‘POLO’ imprinted on her boob?

Will she ever find the cloud where they have Philadelphia Cheese and crackers?

Will her husband ever get to keep a full bottle of Worcester Sauce?

You’ll have to read So Is This Heaven? to find out.

Elisabeth has made So Is This Heaven? available as a Kindle ebook download and as a paperback available via CreateSpace (Amazon’s own publishing arm).

Here are the links:



Amazon Australia – CLICK HERE

CreateSpace – CLICK HERE — Coming soon. In fact, it should eventually get linked up to be available from the Kindle page.

Three Little Pigs: A West Country Fairy Tale links:

Amazon UK – Kindle version – CLICK HERE  and  Paperback version

Amazon USA – Kindle version – CLICK HERE  and Paperback version

Amazon Australia – Kindle version – CLICK HERE  (Paperback version not yet available in Australia)



Relioc Tower (Tales of Ealoryn Book 1) – Early Review

Relioc Tower (Tales of Ealoryn Book 1)


There’s another budding author in the family. Not only have I published a few (non-fiction) books on Kindle and CreateSpace (Amazon’s print-on-demand service), my beautiful wife has her comedy fairy tale and now my brother Richard is bidding for glory too – in the comedy fantasy genre, with his first book titled Relioc Tower.

Now this is quite exciting as Richard has not gone down the traditional publishing route but is competing against other authors on the KindleScout site.

This is where Amazon select a book and publish it on behalf of the author so they get the benefit of a big publisher behind them – rather like a traditional offline publisher. However, rather than some faceless editor deciding on a whim whether a new author fails before he even starts, Amazon ask for opinions from enthusiastic readers.

Here’s where you come in.

We’d like you to follow this link to KindleScout and nominate this book – you can nominate up to 3 books at a time and once the publish / no-publish deadline is up, your nomination is free to be used again.

There’s a few snippets from the book for you to read and an ‘about me’ of Richard too.

If the book is chosen, nominators will be rewarded with a copy of the book, so it’s a win-win all round.

So please – go on over to Kindle Scout and nominate Relioc Tower by Richard Lucas. It has to be done by the end of November 2016.

I will thank you, my wife Beth will thank you and no doubt Richard will heap his blessings on you too.

There’s an element of quid pro quo too of course. Let me know you’ve added your nomination and when you want your next book nominated, we’ll be there for you too.

Air Shows and Photos

Red Arrows Corkscrew Red Arrows Vixen Break modded Red Arrows Vixen Break Red Arrows formation Red Arrows formationMy wonderful wife and I do enjoy our photography which is usually lanscapes and wildlife but just occasionally we do get to go to other places and see other things.

We also like going out and about to various local places. One place we really enjoy is Torquay which was fortunate enough to book the Red Arrows – the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Display team for the end of the annual regatta.

Due to the low cloud and immenent threat of rain, the Red Arrows had to do what they call their Flat Display, which basically means they don’t do the big loops and everything is low level fly bys and passes. In my opinion this is just as exciting and gives far more photo opportunities as the display is kept between 100 and 500 feet above the sea.

We picked a spot on the outer sea wall (not far from Living Coast, if you know the area) about an hour before the scheduled start, which was definitely as wise move as shortly after that a lot of other people started turning up and filling the area up.

People being people, many of them actually stand on the harbour wall which upsets the harbour master no end as it is considered a health and safety risk. More to the point is that he’d be the one who would have to jump into his boat and go to rescue the silly buggers. Despite tannoy announcements people persisted – including a BBC cameraman and reporter, but no one fell in (much to our disappointment. Would have made some good pictures I reckon).

Another thing my wife likes to do is modify some of our pictures, using a variety of programs. Some merely gets colours boosted slightly (Like the Vixen Break above and the Arrow 9 formations above and right) but many get the full filter treatments either to a slight degree like the first 2 pictures in this series or an almost surreal change like the final one in this series.

I think in future I will put some more of our pictures up on this site, to convince my wife she could be doing this for a living. As she is partially disabled and all this can be done from the comfort of home, and it is something she enjoys, I see no harm in her turning her hobbies into something she could get paid for.

Please feel free to share this post on social sites and do leave your comments below. We enjoy hearing what you think.

Trying to Diet – Dying to Try It

Trying to diet – dying to try it.

One of the things I like about my personal blog is that I’m not tied to a subject. If I feel like writing about something, I can and it doesn’t matter a damn whether it fits in with a given niche or if I’m going off-topic. Not that this blog has a central topic so I’ll pick one for now and change my mind later (which will drive Google mad if it tries to categorise it).

So today’s ramble is about cooking and dieting. A definite departure for me as although I’m a keen cook, I’m not an accomplished one. You won’t find me posting recipes on Facebook or anything like that. I do enjoy watching Great British Bake Off and I do in the kitchen, things that my wife ‘doesn’t’. For instance I like home made bread and I’m quite happy to spend the time kneading and waiting for a rise to make a nice loaf, something my wife admits she does not have the strength or patience for. One of things we both enjoy in the kitchen is varying meals for the sake of a healthy diet – trying to keep food healthy but still tasty.


Varying theories abound about losing weight and delicious cooking. Too many people think that one precludes the other and if it’s doing you good, it can’t taste good as well as vice versa but we’re finding that it is possible to eat well with enjoyable food and lose a little weight. The added bonus is that we don’t worry about calorie controls or loads of strenuous exercise – something we both object to, although we both have a light exercise regimen.

Our main dieting method is portion control. Just put a bit less on your plate – it still looks as full since you don’t notice the difference and you don’t feel cheated out of a meal as you might on some of the tiny sized portions some diets make you take. A big risk there is that you get permanently used such a small portion size that you fail to take in enough nutrition and end up making yourself weak or even killing yourself thin. Not a recommended dieting technique.

It is to this end that I feel obliged to offer you a couple of free ebooks with cooking for health tips and healthy cooking recipes that I feel you might enjoy. Neither are very long and they might just help you still enjoy what comes out of your kitchen whilst doing a little something to make you feel healthier too.

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